All photography provided by Jordyn Kelly

Why I love what I do

I have a divine fascination for creating art. I enjoy organically produced moments. To me those are the most valuable, and rarest of memories and the rawest forms of a human being, and in it’s uniqueness I strive to see it, and capture it. I enjoy the elements of the earth, and the wildness that consumes it. I find beauty in the unordinary, but also see the light that shines to capture the beauty of the earth within my photographs.It's really much more than a story, I don't story tell I allow the picture to tell you what it demands to be felt. This is simply how I view the world on a daily scale, so thank you for allowing me to invite you into it. When I adopt the role of the observer I desire to see how two people have overwhelmingly falling in love with each other. Each couple can bring something unique and quite fun to the table so don't be afraid to pretend I'm not there and be fun with your significant other. With everything I do, I do the best job that I can at it, and will promise nothing less. 

Now that I have invited you into why I love doing what I get to do. Let me introduce you to who I am.


About the Artist - My Story

There was a little girl living in an attic of an old church. It was a quaint space where she and her mom lived - the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen were all connected which created a cozy atmosphere. Her mom always left her college artwork lying around - precious photographs and carefully painted canvases that the little girl would meticulously attempt to restore. Her mom often hummed, sang and danced to the sweet sound of Nora Jones which filled every corner of the small apartment. As the record played, the music took over the room and for a split second everything was perfect. Everything was alright again. The little girl wandered over to the bed, crawled in it, picked up an old film camera, and began carefully crafting her next move. She photographed a woman filled with joy, song, dance and laughter. 

I wish that camera had film inside of it so that I could visualize that memory when I dream about my mom back on earth. That was the first moment I ever wanted to freeze so I could replay it a thousand times over. 

Circumstances in my life have allowed me to see the gift of precious moments. 

I want to capture yours. 

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More. About. Me. &. My. Honey!

I suppose like everyone of you reading this, I am human. So even though I am a photographer, I enjoy fun people who like to have a radical time; even people who want company during the calm and quiet moments of their life. I'm 50/50 introvert and extrovert. I get energy from being around other humans even if we aren't talking to each other. I find joy in spending time with people and learning understanding who they are, and what makes them happy. There's nothing better than listening to someone speak about there dearest passion, I mean next time you're in this situation watch there face light up, there mouth can barely contain their smile, and there eyes are a tad more squinter, and they are most likely talking a million miles and hour. I will proudly admit that I am a coffee lover, and will delve into a nice movie and a glass of wine, and oh wow a bowl of popcorn and you have found all my weaknesses. 

I enjoy making people laugh, and allowing people to see the goofy side of me. I'm not afraid to do spontaneous things, and go to new places, and experience new cultures. I thrive off of adrenaline, or anything that owns the definition of fast, so if you want a sky diving buddy give me a ring! I love to try new things, get a little muddy while hiking, and hunt for waterfalls! If you are free on a weekend, don't be afraid to say hi!