Victoria & Eduardo


It all started…

It all started in middle school, can you believe it? Those myspace days lead to the most awkward “first date” ever at the movies with their friends. They saw Batman and sat approximately two seats away from each other… you could say it was pretty serious! In 8th grade, Eduardo took Victoria to a high school football game and said, “You know what I’m gonna say right?!” This was his way of asking Victoria to be his girlfriend, and of course, she said yes!

This leads to an awkward start to high school, but it was great for them to live through their awkward stages together. Victoria says “We’ve been through so much together, but mostly he’s been there for me for more than I ever thought possible”. She walked through some tough journeys in her past and said “Eduardo was there for me through the hardest part of my life. This caused me to move, which made us live our lives far apart for a little while, but he’s been standing by my side ever since that football game!" They are middle school sweethearts and have been going 9 years strong! Congratulations on your marriage Victoria and Eduardo!