Mary & Cole


Their wedding day... 

Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Mary and Cole wanted there whole wedding day surrounded by the presence of Jesus. Worship music filled the room when I visited Mary getting ready, and she made sure to have her favorite lunch on her wedding day! PIZZA! MY KINDA BRIDE!

Cole was the sweetest gentleman and rallied his groomsman together. You could tell he wasn’t nervous, but more so beaming out of excitement to see his bride. He was anticipating seeing her beauty unveiled while walking down the aisle. His smile and the way he looked at her said it all the second she was visible. He was on cloud 9 and was looking at the love of his life. He held her close all day. 

I caught Mary’s mom catching every feeling of the day. Oh, the love of mom’s. It’s absolutely unimaginable what it’s like for them on their daughter's wedding day, but they're overfilled with joy. Cole’s dad wanted to experience the little things and I noticed he would come by and see how I was photographing the details for the day. He didn’t say much rather than watching everything fall perfectly into place, and took time to admire the details coming together while it was getting set up! 

While photographing these two, they fit so perfectly into each other's arms. They flirted with each other through the rest of there wedding day, and I lost it! So amazing to see a man flirting with his Bride.  It was truly a beautiful day to be present and witness.